Wednesday, 08 August 2007 01:53

Fire Danger Forces New Fire Restrictions in Forest

Due to extreme fire danger and dry forest conditions the Eldorado increased fire restrictions yesterday, Monday, August 6, 2007. Eldorado National Forest Supervisor Ramiro Villalvazo signed a forest order that restricts campfires and charcoal barbeques only to designated developed campgrounds and facilities on the Eldorado that have a campground host and a water system.

“Minimal precipitation last winter and hot weather has resulted in extremely dry forest conditions, exceeding the 20 year average for this time of year,” said Eldorado National Forest Management Officer Bob Patton. “Even with these additional restrictions to reduce the risk of a wildfire, everyone needs to step up to the plate regarding fire safety in order to get through this fire season.” Fire restrictions also affect these activities: Campfires and charcoal barbeques are permitted in those developed campgrounds and facilities that have a water system and a campground host, but are prohibited at recreation residences. Portable Stoves and Lanterns are Permitted in all campgrounds, recreation residences, and the

backcountry with a valid campfire permit. Woodcutting – Check the woodcutting hotline or web page each day to determine if chainsaws are permitted. Vehicle Use and other internal combustion engines is only permitted on the roads and trails identified on the Eldorado National Forest Motor Vehicle Restriction Map.o Smoking – Limited to vehicles, buildings, and in a 3-foot cleared area.o Fireworks – Absolutely no fireworks are permitted in the National Forest. o Contract/Permittee Operations – Any operation or permittee that uses internal combustion engines or fire, must have an approved fire plan. For additional information on the forest order, exempted facilities, or recreation opportunities visit the Eldorado National Forest website at