Monday, 20 August 2007 01:57

State Fair Kicks Off

slide10The California State Fair has now officially opened with the theme the "Fun Never Grows Old." The fair runs through September 3. This year there are 14 new rides spread out between the midway and the kid's park and many other new features as well, including an Elvis sandwich.

slide37 The treat is named after Elvis Presley's favorite sandwich, a peanut butter and banana sandwich. The California Green Dream Expo showcases new directions in energy conservation and alternative energy sources as well as tips on how Californians can become environmentally conscious.. Some of the other new exhibits this year include "Toytopia" which features a toy time warp tunnel where visitors can check out games and toys from the past. The exhibit also has interactive displays and costumed characters and celebrities. The Memory of a Rose Exhibit honors Princess Diana. August 31 marks the 10th anniversary of her death. To honor her memory, Susan Maxwell Skinner, who covered Diana for eight years as an accredited Buckingham Palace press corps member, has set up a collection of books, china and dolls.