Monday, 27 April 2015 20:40

Missing Person

On Sunday April 26, 2015 at approximately 0145 hours the Amador County Sheriff’s Office (ACSO) received a 911 Emergency call from a Pacific Gas and Electric employee.  It was reported that a male subject had just shown up at a cabin at Salt Springs Reservoir reporting that he and a friend went canoeing in the reservoir when their canoe capsized.  The male subject reported that he made it to shore but his friend did not.

ACSO Deputies, American Legion Ambulance and fire personnel responded.  Deputies contacted and interviewed Jakob Kent Marhefka, 34, of Pioneer.  Marhefka reported that he and 38 year old, Pioneer resident Daniel Robert Pedersen were camping in the area and decided to go for a late night canoe trip on Salt Springs Reservoir.  Marhefka reported that at some point the canoe capsized.  He said they attempted to paddle it to shore but were unsuccessful so they decided to swim for shore.  Marhefka said that as he swam to shore he lost sight of Pedersen in the dark.  

Marhefka took deputies to where he exited the water.  No sign of Pedersen was found.  A California Highway Patrol helicopter flew over the lake and around the shoreline.  The partially submerged canoe was located, however there was no sign of Pedersen.

ACSO Search and Rescue responded to conduct an area search around the lake.  A dive team from El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office responded with an 

underwater remote operated vehicle/camera system.   Pacific Gas and Electric Company is providing a vessel which will be utilized to ferry divers, and to deploy a specialized ACSO side scan sonar.  Canines certified in locating drowning victims have been requested via the California Office of Emergency Services.  

At this time Pedersen has not been located.