Friday, 15 June 2007 01:37

ACRA Meeting: Project Manager For Park Projects Discussed

slide6The Amador County Recreation Agency began their meeting with a discussion of vandalism to the lights at Pioneer Park. According to Executive Director Tracey Towner Yep, the lenses of the lights were shot out. Towner Yep had already taken the initiative and authorized an emergency expenditure to hired Upchurch Electric to fix the lights.

The matter was urgent because the Men’s Softball league is well into their season with games in the evening and playing in the dark would not be safe. The ACRA Board recommended bringing the vandalism to secret witness to see if they can get any more information regarding the vandals. The profitability of the ACRA annual Kennedy Mine Bar-B-Q was then discussed. The event brought in a total 13,000 dollars and cost 6100 dollars to put on. That gives the event a 7000 dollar profit. The ACRA Board then turned their attention to the management of several facility related projects being undertaken by the agency.

There was a presentation, discussion, and an action item regarding whether to hire a Construction Manager to specifically oversee the Volcano Armory Hall and Pine Grove Town Hall projects. Because ACRA is doing so much in the coming year Towner Yep does not want to see anything fall through the cracks, and because the projects are very similar it would be ideal to have a manager. The board was presented with the option of having Pine Grove resident John Carlson be the assistant to Towner Yep in facilitating getting the projects finished. He has 38 years of career experience in civil engineering. Some responsibilities included in Carlson’s contract would include: doing paperwork to coordinate with the county and state, hire the architectural firm, getting project design and going out to bid within the project budget. Writing grants and other such paperwork would also be in his jurisdiction. The proposal for contract was approved.