Chef Peter show Monique how to make the Summer Melon Salad that will be available at the upcoming Beer Pairing on the Terrace event at the Jackson Rancheria Casino Resort.
In this week's episode Monique sits down with Paul Abbott, Bartender at the Hotel Sutter on Main Street in Sutter Creek.  
Join Monique and Paul as they mix up some refreshing summer drinks.
In this week's episode of Mondays with Monique, Monique sits down McKenzie's StoneHouse Bistro owner Pete McKenzie.  
In this week's Mondays with Monique cooking segment, Pete demonstrates how to make a simple and delicious Shrimp Bruschetta.  
See what Monique is cooking up for this week's episode of Monday's with Monique.  
Monique demonstrates a few simple exercises in the fitness portion of "Mondays with Monique".
In this week's episode Monique speaks with Wendi Harrington, Manager of the Foxes Inn in Sutter Creek.
Monique and Wendi demonstrate how you can cook delicious strawberry crepes.