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slide23It’s that time of the year again when students are preparing for their futures and the FAFSA is due March 1st for students to qualify for financial aid from governmental sources. Cal Grant applications are also due. Senator Dave Cox reminds high school students that while college and vocational schools are expensive it is within reach.
slide2The Amador County Unified School District has been working to incorporate language into the County’s General Plan that will provide some assurances that the district’s future growth needs will be met by developers. Superintendent Dr. Mike Carey explained that Senate Bill 50 adopted in 1999 “pretty much took schools out of the business of being players when developers come in and counties and cities are looking at building infrastructure to meet the new residential growth.” He said unlike the Amador County Recreation Agency we cannot come to a City or County and ask that money be provided per residential units for the district, because supposedly the school district is already guaranteed the money from SB 50.
Tuesday, 16 January 2007 12:57

ACUSD Approves Education Plan For Future

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slide15The Amador County Unified School District Board of Trustees recently approved their annual Local Education Agency plan. This plan is required by the federal government for all districts accepting funding through the No Child Left Behind Act.  The LEA Plan report must include progress made by the district that is related to the five performance goals and 12 performance indicators as outlined by the district in the LEA Plan including guidance as well as other related programmatic requirements. According to Elizabeth Chapin Pinotti, Asst Supt of Curriculum for ASCUD The LEA Plan serves six main  purposes: It is a Five-year operational plan (July 1, 2003 to June 30, 2008) to be updated annually. The plan is a Guide for federal and state-funded programs, allocations of resources, and reporting requirements.
Thursday, 11 January 2007 02:29

New Face On The Amador Water Agency Board of Directors

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slide25Yesterday morning the Amador Water Agency held interviews for the replacement of now Supervisor Ted Novelli on the Amador Water Agency Board. The Board of Directors for the agency is patterned after the Board of Supervisors and thus each Director represents a supevisorial district. The opening on the board, created by Novelli’s election to the Board of Supervisors is for district 3 which encompasses much of the upcountry areas of the county. Applying for the position was a previous short term member Dave Thomas from Pine Grove.
Wednesday, 10 January 2007 04:28

City of Jackson Takes A Major Step For Parks and Recreation

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slide8The Council reviewed the request of the Amador Co. Little League East to place fundraising sponsorship signs on the Aime Field Fence. According to a letter from Fund Raising Committee Chairman Mark Lackowski, “…the Amador Co. Little League is trying to come up with ways to raise money for the league…my plan this year is to ask local businesses for help in sponsoring…The league’s thought is to sell “sponsorship” signs to local businesses that would like to have their business name displayed year around.” The signage Lackowski suggested would be permanent and would be 2 feet by 8 feet in size and the monies earned from the “sponsorship” signs would be used to purchase “much needed safety equipment” and make some field upgrades. City Manager Mike Daly introduced the item and said that the City recognizes that youth sports organizations are always struggling to make their financial needs, but in the past the City has discouraged the placement of advertising on City property to benefit any one particular organization. He also pointed out that similar requests have been turned down in the past and that the Amador County Little League (ACLL) East is not the only organization to use the field, so by allowing one organization to put up signs it could set precedence for all organizations in the future.  City Council persons had several questions pertaining to the request, but unfortunately a representative of ACLL East was not available.
slide17Earlier this week the Sutter Creek Planning Commission held a public hearing on the Sutter Hill East Reorganization; which would annex 56.3 acres of Sutter Hill property to the city of Sutter Creek from Amador County’s jurisdiction. The annexation had inadvertently been sent to the city council last week lacking complete environmental documents and was then redirected to the planning commission for their recommendation to the council. The annexation includes the Amador Transit Mix concrete company and 3 other major sources of tax revenue opportunities for the city. The annexation has caused a bit of controversy with some of the surrounding land owners involved because portions of the annexation were possibly going to be rezoned from Residential to Planned development.

Senator Dave Cox has announced a Town Hall meeting that will be conducted regarding Mule Creek State Prison and its current issues, including those wastewater concerns. Senator Cox requested the meeting and Secretary of the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation James Tilton and Mule Creek State Prison Warden Rich Subia have all agreed to be present at the meeting which is open to anyone in the community. The meeting is Tuesday Jan 16th from 6:30 to 8:30 pm at Ione Jr High School. For more information you can contact Senator Dave Cox’s office at 916-783-8232.



Tuesday, 09 January 2007 02:02

New County Officials Are Now, Well, Official

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There’s a new Sheriff in town as things were made official today. In a sentimental ceremony Sheriff Martin Ryan was sworn in by his father, former Am. Co. Superior court judge Martin Ryan while his wife Theresa pinned his badge on. As young Martin continues a family legacy of law enforcement in the County as his grandfather G. W. Lucot served as an Amador Co. Sheriff from1914-1954.
Monday, 08 January 2007 00:50

New Officials Sworn In Today

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slide3Today at noon a special ceremony will be held to swear in the newly elected members of the Board of Supervisors as well as County Officials that have been re-elected. Sheldon Johnson, the County Clerk Recorder will be officiating at the swearing in ceremony. However, as a reelected official taking an oath himself Tiko Arnese Recorder Clerk Supervisor will be swearing in Johnson for another term. Other elected Officials to be sworn in include, Dr. Mike Carey Superintendent of Schools, District Attorney Todd Riebe, Superior Court Judge David Richmond, Michael Ryan Treasurer and Tax Collector, Joe Lowe, Auditor, and Assessor Jim Rooney. Newly elected Sheriff Martin Ryan will also be officially sworn in for duty as Amador County’s Sheriff-Coroner. He was previously sworn in for the interim period to accommodate former Sheriff Mike Prizmich’s retirement plans on December 30th 2006.
Monday, 08 January 2007 00:46

Ione Continues Their New “Vision”

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slide9The City of Ione Visioning Committee is sponsoring a General Plan Seminar scheduled for Tuesday, January 23 from 5:00 to 8:00 PM. The event will be held in the Cultural Hall at the Church of Latter Day Saints located at 407 West Marlette Street in Ione. Anyone interested in city planning is invited to attend this informative and educational seminar. Three experts in this field will facilitate the session and present guidelines to successfully complete a general plan. What attendees will learn is: Why cities prepare a General Plan/ What is included in a General Plan/ What are the steps in preparing a General Plan/ How a General Plan is implemented.